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Paleontology, palaeontology or palæontology (from Greek: paleo, "ancient"; ontos, "being"; and logos, "knowledge") is the study of prehistoric life forms on Earth through the examination of plant and animal fossils. This includes the study of body fossils, tracks (ichnites), burrows, cast-off parts, coprolites, palynomorphs and chemical residues. Because mankind has encountered fossils for millennia, paleontology has a long history both before and after becoming formalized as a science. This article records significant discoveries and events related to paleontology that occurred in the year 1994.


Newly named dinosaursEdit

Data courtesy of George Olshevsky's dinosaur genera list[1] and Dr. Jeremy Montague's dinosaur genus database.[2]

Name Status Authors Notes Images
Acracanthus[3] nomen nudum later named Acrocanthosaurus

Langston vide:

  • Czaplewski
  • Cifelli
  • Langston

Skeletal mount Mymoorapelta on display in a museum.

Afrovenator[4] Valid taxon
  • Dutheil
  • Sues
Alwalkeria[5] Valid taxon
  • Creisler
Alxasaurus[6] Valid taxon
Amphicoelicaudia nomen nudum later named Huabeisaurus
  • Cheng Z.
Caenagnathasia[7] Valid taxon
"Comanchesaurus" nomen nudum

Hunt vide:

Cryolophosaurus[8] Valid taxon
  • Hammer
  • Hickerson
Cryptoraptor nomen nudum, possibly non-dinosaurian

Hunt vide:

Koparion[9] Valid taxon
  • Chure
Lucianosaurus[10] Valid Non-Dinosaurian Taxon
  • Hunt
  • S. G. Lucas
Marasuchus[11] Valid Non-Dinosaurian Taxon
  • Arcucci
Monolophosaurus[12] Valid taxon
  • Zhao X.
Mymoorapelta[13] Valid taxon
Pekinosaurus[10] Valid Non-Dinosaurian Taxon
  • Hunt
  • S. G. Lucas
Pelecanimimus[14] Valid taxon
  • Perez-Moreno
  • Sanz
  • Buscalioni
  • Moratalla
  • Ortega
  • Rasskin-Gutman
Phuwiangosaurus[15] Valid taxon
  • V. Martin
  • Buffetaut
  • Suteethorn
"Revueltoraptor" nomen ex dissertatione later named Gojirasaurus

Hunt vide:

Sinornithoides[16] Valid taxon
Sinraptor[17] Valid taxon
  • Zhao X.
Tecovasaurus[10] Valid Non-Dinosaurian Taxon
  • Hunt
  • S. G. Lucas
Timimus[18] Valid taxon
Tonouchisaurus nomen nudum


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