Bahia Inglesa fm 1

Panoramic view in the Caldera phosphate mining area in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

Bahia Inglesa fm 2

Working the thin phosphate layer is a lot of hard work. Note the distinct orange and red colors that are characteristic of the beautiful Chilean shark teeth.

The Bahia Inglesa Formation, formally the Huarra Formation to reflect recent scientific publications, is a Caldera phosphate mining area of the Atacama Desert near Copiapo in north central Chile. The formation dates from Lower Pliocene Bahia Inglesa Formation to possibly the Upper Miocene (approx. 4-6 million years ago). The shark teeth exhibit fantastic coloration, preservation, and condition. Being a land site, the detail and preservation exhibited by these shark teeth are nothing less than outstanding - some of the finest marine fossils known. These are absolutely beautiful shark teeth with tan to orange or blue - pink crowns and orange to mahogany-red roots.

Mantell's Iguanodon restoration