Cardabiodon sp.2

FHSM VP-17141 - A nearly perfect Cardabiodon sp. tooth that was collected in July, 2007 from the upper 1 meter of the Pfeifer Shale Member of the Greenhorn Limestone (early Middle Turonian) in Russell County, KS.

Cardabiodon sp.3

This specimen (FHSM VP-425) of 40 associated teeth, calcified cartilage and dermal denticles was collected from Russell County in 1982 and originally identified as Cretoxyrhina mantelli. It has since been re-identified as Cardabiodon sp. (Siverson, pers. comm.). VP-15827 and VP-15828 are shown for comparison.

Cardabiodon is a new genus of lamniform shark named recently by Mikael Siverson from a specimen found in Australia. More recently, Siverson and Lindgren described Cardabiodon from the Carlile Shale of Montana. These teeth were the first recognized occurrences of the genus in Kansas.

Mantell's Iguanodon restoration