"Cryptoraptor" is an informal name for fossilized remains from the Late Triassic of New Mexico that were initially interpreted as belonging to a dinosaur. The remains, NMMNH P-17375, consist of a fragmentary skeleton including vertebrae, a pubis, and parts of the thigh bones. This specimen came from the Norian-age Upper Triassic Bull Canyon Formation in Quay County. Adrian Hunt, in his unpublished dissertation, proposed the name "Cryptoraptor lockleyi" for the specimen, but the name was never adopted, and was first referred to in the scientific literature in a 2007 redescription of Late Triassic North American material thought to belong to dinosaurs (Nesbitt, Irmis, and Parker, 2007). In the redescription, the authors could only assign the material to Archosauria.[1]


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