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Japan is a country from Asia. Before dinosaurs ever dominated the area it used to be under the ocean. Millions of years later during the Mesozoic era it finally went above the ocean. Later Dinosaurs finally lived in Japan. tyrannosaurs such as Futabasaurus were one of top predators. Hadrosaurs such as Fukuisaurus traveled in the area as well. This list will show the dinosaurs that lived there. Note that it includes recent changes since new discoveries are being made.


  1. Fukuiraptor
  2. Futabasaurus
  3. Fukuivenator
  4. Fukuisaurus
  5. Fukuititan
  6. Koshisaurus
  7. Allosaurus
  8. Psittacosaurus
  9. Tambatitanis
  10. Siamosaurus
  11. Mamenchisaurus
  12. Hypsilophodon
  13. Nemegtosaurus
  14. Mosasaurus