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Welcome to our Field Site!

Welcome to The Field Site forum. The Field Site is a place where the Fossil Wiki's editors and readers can post questions, have site-wide discussions, and post comments. For those of you familiar with a field site, This forum is the on-site field site for Fossil Wiki — as such, feel free to relax and enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to start a new forum thread with what's on your mind. To add a new thread, click on the Add Section link at the top.

Possible uses of this forum:

  • Do you need help editing, or unable to find an appropriate answer at Help:Editing FAQ?
  • Requesting help with templates.
  • General discussion about paleontology or fossils.
  • "Anyone remember..."
  • Trying to create an article, but can't remember the proper name for the item, subject, or event? Ask your fellow editors for help!
  • Looking for pictures to add to an article? You never know what some users might have available.
  • Thinking to yourself "Wow, this article could use some information from that magazine…I sure could use some scans from that now out-of-print issue." Good news is, someone might just have the issue you're looking for.