Rj mugo-lg1

Otodus obliquus mugodzharicus. Nanjemoy Formation

Rj mugo-csp1

Cusplet and serration close-up of Otodus obliquus mugodzharicus.

Otodus mugodzharicus, an extinct Otodontid shark, is a serrated Otodus and represents a unique evolutional form of this species. During the lower Eocene, the Otodus obliquus disappeared in the Caspian area and serrated forms evolved. The Otodus mugodzharicus is the first transitional form identified, and it exhibits light serrations to a wavy blade appearance covering the lower 2/3 of the crown. The side cusps also begin exhibit appearance of serrations or splitting. These Otodus transformed into the Carcharocles genus and the beginning of the Giant White sharks. This W. Kazakhstan area is the best location for producing ( and studying) fossil shark teeth demonstrating the transformation of Otodus to Carcharocles.

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